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Post  darci on Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:33 am

In the article “Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide Would Harm Society” author Margaret Sommerville discusses her points on why euthanasia and assisted suicide are wrong. She argues that this legalization would harm societal values and alter people’s respect for human life. Another main point Sommerville wants to get across is that it would also harm the medical world and profession. She argues that euthanasia takes away the mystery of life, allows doctors to kill the most vulnerable people, and that those who would choose euthanasia are merely confused and weak when given the option. Somerville wants for death to be a private, mysterious matter that no one can predict. With euthanasia she feels that the ill will be missing out on this.


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Euthanasia Empty Re: Euthanasia

Post  Toby on Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:57 am

I actually thought about doing our paper on this subject, its a great issue to take an oppostion on. The doctors dont really care about the people, the governement dont really care about the people they really only care about the money. If a person is terminally ill or in a vegitative state and there's no way there going to get better, why make them suffer? Doctors are just saying that assisted suicide is wrong and it takes away the mystery of life because when that patient passes away they dont get paid for the care and treatment of that person. Politicans, especially conservatives dont believe in assisted suicide cause conservatives are after two things: money and destroying or trampling the rights of the people of the U.S.

All i have done is rant and rave about this issue I'm against suicide but if someone is terminally ill and there is no way for them to get better why let them suffer? even though i have already stated this.


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