One of the biggest projects in Genesee County!

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One of the biggest projects in Genesee County!

Post  salsagirl on Fri Mar 07, 2008 3:56 pm
I do not know how many of you go through Miller road a week! However, I know I at least go through it five times a week, and it is busy all day long. This Wednesday, one of the biggest construction projects in Genesee County will start on Miller road. It will approximately take up almost six months to finish it. Well at least that is what they say; usually they take much longer to finish their projects.
It is true that Miller road is not in that great condition and it needs a lot of construction, however, I wonder what will happen to all of those businesses located on Miller road! People already complain about how busy the road is all they time, and now they will complain even more when the project starts and probably try to avoid the road for quite some time. For that reason the businesses will go down on Miller road and that will just take Flint a step back rather than ahead. Spring and summer seasons are usually the best seasons for most businesses and with this project those two seasons will go into waste. However, I wish them luck! And I hope it will really end in September as they say!


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