Gunshots go on during 911 call

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Gunshots go on during 911 call Empty Gunshots go on during 911 call

Post  Toby on Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:36 pm

Wow this is one sad story a woman was on the phone with 911 asking for help when her pleas for help were ended with gunshots. She was shot to death. When the paramedics got to her they pronounced her dead at the scene. The cops said that they think it was a burglary gone wrong. She had told the 911 operator that someone was trying to break into her house. There was a man that arrived at the scene asking about his wife and the cops told him she was dead and he couldnít believe it, he said that she just called him. So they took that guy in for questioning. But no arrests have been made.

What a shocking story, killed while she was trying to get help. Thatís horrible. I hope they find that guy and kill him. Eye for an Eye, that guy should get whatís coming to him. I donít get why they would want to question that guy, it seems highly unlikely that it was him that killed his wife. What is this world coming to? I wonder if the 911 tape will be released to the family. If they catch this guy they could even use the tape as evidence, so it was kind of lucky I guess that he killed her before she hung up than afterwards


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