Fox Refuses To Pay FCC Indecency Fine

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Fox Refuses To Pay FCC Indecency Fine Empty Fox Refuses To Pay FCC Indecency Fine

Post  Andrew Abeare on Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:17 pm

Fox Refuses To Pay FCC Indecency Fine

I guess this counts as news, even though it seems kind of stupid to me. If I understand the situation correctly, the FCC fined the Fox network in 2004 for airing an episode of a cancelled reality show that showed censored nudity. Last month, now 4 years later, the FCC decided to reduce the amount of the fine, but the Fox network still refuses to pay. Currently, Fox is battling 2 other fines in the Supreme Court. It seems to me that a lot of networks show censored nudity these days; most people might not even notice or care. Thatís the point of being able to censor media, so you can censor things like nudity and protect people from the things that they want to see. Is it really necessary for the FCC to acknowledge this fine 4 years later? I imagine that most people donít even remember the show, and Fox seems pretty adamant about not paying the fine anyway. Is this going to end up in the Supreme Court also, so it can waste more time and money? It seems like it would be more efficient to just drop insignificant violations like these instead of dragging them out for 4 years.

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