Scott Weiland Splits from Velvet Revolver

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Scott Weiland Splits from Velvet Revolver Empty Scott Weiland Splits from Velvet Revolver

Post  Toby on Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:36 am


yesterday vocalist scott Weiland parted ways with the band Velvet Revolver. Things just were not working with The band and the vocalist, Scott said about 2 weeks ago at a gig that this was gonna be the last Velvet Revolver tour ever. So the band kicked Weiland out saying that he wasnt fully committed to the band, the music or the fans. Weiland just got out of rehab, so he has been having alot of issues. He has had alot of crazy behavior as of late, so its really not a big suprise. Stone Templed Pilots, Weilands former band are reuniting so that must be the man reason he is kind of turning his back on the band.

Im just wondering who theyre gonna replace Weiland with. Obviously they can't reunite the old Guns N' Roses back together. Velvet Revolver is basically the original lineup minus Axel Rose, but theres just to much bad blood between Slash and Axel. What a great band Velvet Revolver is they're just having some issues. Stone Templed Pilots are a really good band too, they were part of the grunge phenomon that occured in the 90's. I sure hope they find someone soon, hopefully hes an awesome vocalist.


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