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Post  salsagirl on Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:03 pm
So I am guessing that whoever does not want to wear glasses anymore and has the money can get rid of them with surgeries. We all know about the Lasik and how it corrects the distance, however, this new thing called Crystalens is a cataract lens implants. With this new implant people can get both of distance and near correction.
I think this is great because they only coast $2000 which is less than what most of the Lasik surgeries cost. Also it helps whoever is far and near sided; many people have that and they got the Lasik surgery done, however, they still needed the glasses to see things up close. In Addition to that, this is also a big help for elderly, I remember how my grandma used to lose her glasses all the time and suffers till she actually remembers where she placed them. However, now she can get this implant done and will not worry about the glasses and losing them.
Those lenses are approved by the FDA and like the rest of newer technology they are not covered by insurance, but they are not super expensive. So whoever wants to get this implant done can save up for it and gain a clear vision till the rest of her or his life.


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