Former Kalamazoo Police Officer May Be Near End of Journey

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Former Kalamazoo Police Officer May Be Near End of Journey

Post  showard1 on Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:56 pm
This poor family. I feel so bad for it. Here their father was out trying to keep the city streets safe for everyone, and because of someone's stupidity they have wrecked his and his families lives. Seventeen years ago this police officer was responding to a call when his partners and him were hit by a drunk driver. One of his partners ended up with head injuries, one ended up with back injuries, and he ended up with having to have his let cut off and later became paralyzed from the waist down. What did the driver receive after causing all this heartache to three familes? He received one year in jail and 200 hours of community service. What is right about that. Do you honestly think that he learned anything with that light sentence? This guy is now in the hospital, not being able to eat by himself, not being able to breath by himself, he can't even talk. He has three daughters ages 15, 17, and 21. None of them are married yet. Will he ever see that day?
Where is the driver of that car that caused all this damage? Probably enjoying life and not thinking about what he has done.


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