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Pacman wants to be back Empty Pacman wants to be back

Post  Jnord on Sun Apr 13, 2008 3:42 pm

Adam Pacman Jones is talking to the commissioner of the National Football League about getting reinstated to the NFL. He was suspended from the league for getting in a fight at a strip club in Las Vegas which ended up with one person dead. He was also arrested for punching a stripper for touching his money.

He has been out on control since he came into the league. This is one person they are making a statement about because it seems that he cannot keep his nose clean and stay out of trouble.

The cowboys are looking to trade for Pacman because he is a great player and Jerry Jones will take a risk on any player as long as they are talented and good enough to win him a super bowl. I hope he is not allowed to come back because he is just dirt in the league. They need to clean up their image and players like him make it a worse place.

This is a player that is just like mike Vick. They both got punished and someday I hope that mike is allowed back in the league because he didnít punch a girl or be involved with someone being murdered.


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Pacman wants to be back Empty Re: Pacman Wants to be Back

Post  showard1 on Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:56 am

I do not think that it is right for any professional to be in trouble none stop and still be able to play the sport. If Pacman is always in trouble (which it sounds like he is) he should not be able to be reinstated. I do not care how good a player is, if you are involved in a fight (especially when someone ended up murdered) you should be getting some sort of punishment. What message are you sending out to these young kids growing up watching these sports and hear that one of the players have been kicked off the team but because they are a good player they may be reinstated? Kids are going to think as long as I play great I can do a crime and probably continue on with my career. It should not be happening that way. If the player wasn't a good player chances are they would not be getting that chance.


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