Euro hits all time high against the dollar

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Euro hits all time high against the dollar Empty Euro hits all time high against the dollar

Post  Toby on Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:11 am

This is just a sign of the times, and the condition of the economy. Thanks to inflation being 3 times higher than expected 1 dollar in the U.S. now equals 1.579 Euros, which is actually surprising to me because I thought the dollar was so bad that Euros were actually worth more than the dollar but I was wrong, which is something you donít hear me say allot. The feds have been cutting interest rates on just about everything to try you bring our economy back. All this started when President Bush got into white house (donít tell anyone but I think he has something to do with all of this {saying this in a low whisper) another problem is we put almost our entire countries economy with the autoworkers. So GM basically messed us up because they priced themselves out of jobs (because the union kept wanting more the company had to raise their prices and people bought less car from them and because car companies buy parts from GM they had to raise their prices, and consumers had no other choice but to buy foreign made cars) That another thing that messed us up besides Bush. I just hope things get better soon.


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