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Why men dont talk Empty Why men dont talk

Post  kwest4 on Wed Apr 16, 2008 3:31 pm

So 1 in 5 women say they typically fight about their mans lack of communication, and 30% of guys say their failure to communicate is a source of major conflict in a relationship. So why? According to the article there are four specific reasons why, they are a little intimidated, need to decompress, they are more comfortable with actions rather than words, and they do not like to be put on the spot.
A Little Intimidated: So us women love and are very skilled at talking and the whole Q and A scenario. Men know this, they also know that about one-third of women feel that men just donít understand. So men are afraid of saying too much, because saying the wrong thing could get him in trouble.
Need to Decompress: Men donít want to talk right when they come in the door at the end of their day. They like to take time for themselves. (okay so this one seems to be logical and understandable).
More Comfortable with Actions Rather than Words: They would rather change the oil, hand over the remote, or bring home flowers (how many men actually do that?) then say how they feel.
Donít like Being Put on the Spot: they feeling like theyíre on the witness stand, and 65% prefer their partner not to ask more questions about themselves

I myself still do not fully understand the male psyche. And I am not so sure this article is too helpful, I guess it gives an overview, but it feels more like an excuse to me. I can understand that these situations are uncomfortable for them, but some things really do HAVE to be said, in order for us women to understand how our guy is feeling. Why is it so hard for you guys to talk to us? Smile but no it really is frustrating.



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