Woman, 67,killed in single-car accident

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Woman, 67,killed in single-car accident Empty Woman, 67,killed in single-car accident

Post  Lsweet1 on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:11 pm

A 67-year-old Fling woman was killed after her car went airborne in a westside residential neighborhood and struck a tree about eight feet in the air. The car crashed on Copeman Boulevard between Winona and Seneca streets. Guadalupe Alberto's black Touota Camry was mangled, and residents of the neighborhood, where kids often play basketball in the street, were shaken. Flint police Lt. Terry Speedy said Alberto was westbound on Copeman at high speed-believed to be in excees of 70 mph-failed to stop at Winona and crossed the road, hit a pile of stones and went into the air. Speedy said the woman, the only occupant, died at the scene. They will be investigating to see if she had a medical condition. The impact sent a hubcap on the roof of a nearby resident and shook the occupants. A passerby of Lansing was driving eastbound on Copeman when he said he saw the woman a few blocks up weaving in traffic and passing other cars. Another passerby pulled over to the curb because he saw the woman smash into the tree. I feel sorry for the family. But I think when older people reach a certain age. They should have to retake the driving exam and list all medical problems and if possible keep them from driving.


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