Bus Accident in South Flirida

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Bus Accident in South Flirida Empty Bus Accident in South Flirida

Post  abuaita on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:44 am


I found an article by Elizabeth Baier and it about a bus crash in Florida. It happened in south of Florida, a week before the New Year. Where a speeding black Mustang went out of control on I595 east and hit a tour bus, leading it to cross to the other side of the highway and hit the ramp wall. The bus accident happened after Davie Fire rescue which helped the emergency rescuers to be ready for it.
The police respond to the accident scene where they find 42 injured passengers. The police said there was no death but only one serious condition. The passengers were sent to Broward General Hospital, where the doctors say that they received 19 injuries. One on them was in a serious body and brain injuries, five suffered some serious wounds, but the rest were treating from some small injuries.
The highway was shut down both directions more than an hour from the accident. The mustang was completely totaled. The police history record shows that the mustang driver Abu-Jabir has charges for speeding and driving with a suspended license, also failure to pay many traffic fines. The bus driver said that the car was coming and spinning from the front, and he could not stop.


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