Weight Problems in Our Nation

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Weight Problems in Our Nation Empty Weight Problems in Our Nation

Post  darci on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:49 am

Obesity now a 'lifestyle' choice for Americans, expert says

The article “Obesity Now a Lifestyle Choice for Americans, Experts say” makes very good points referencing to the weight issue that has doubled in America between 1960 and 2004. Obesity has become a lifestyle in the sense that people may not want to be overweight, but they would rather not make any life sacrifices to cut the pounds. Today eating healthy and getting good exercise is an inconvenience for many people when so many technological advancements and easily accessible foods make life that much simpler. Also the advancements in medicine make it easier to go to the doctors and get a gastric bypass than to lose weight by diet and exercise. The effects of being overweight and obese take a toll on your body. Yes as a whole people are now living longer, but when your body can barely support all the weight it’s carrying and your heart is about to give out, the quality of living dissipates. The article states that being obese and overweight is now looked on as somewhat of a norm in several American societies. The thought that this is normal and people want to fit in by being overweight is somewhat disturbing and my hopes are that in the future this will change.


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Weight Problems in Our Nation Empty RE: Weight Problems In Our Nation

Post  Eli on Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:04 pm

I agree with you on this topic because that is kind of true of what you said that alot of people in this nation today has become overweight or obesity. Its ashamed to see our people in the U.S. that big these days that it doesn't makes any since. Now I can see if you just get a little chubby in the stamach or something, but at least catch yourself and to someone, and ask them. Am I geeting big? Or talk to yourself when taking showers and talk to yourself to make a change about that fat body you're cleaning. A lot of people get fat because of all these fast food restaurants their eating a lot like McDonalds for an example. McDonalds is one of the worst fast food restaurant you can eat at and they just about get the most customers than ever body else. But I don't eat there. The only thing that could work for people to lose weight or never get fat is to slack up on buying a lot of fast foods like McDonalds. Stay away from eating a lot of snacks like chips. Eat plenty of fruits and vegestables. Drink plenty of water and not pops. Build an exercising plan for each week. Don't eat after 6:00PM or 7:00PM. Unless a fruit or something.


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