Dog Attack sends woman to hospital

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Dog Attack sends woman to hospital Empty Dog Attack sends woman to hospital

Post  Eli on Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:48 pm

There was a dog attack in East Texas lands a woman in the hospital. The incident happended Friday in Mineola of December the twenty nineth, two thousand and seven in the 1500 block of Robin Street. Mineola Police say the families new dog attacked a family friend at their home. After attempts to restrain the animal, Police had to shoot the American Bulldog to free her. The woman suffered wounds to her face and legs. She was taken to a local hospital and her condition is unknown. Now for my opinion, I wouldn't have a dog like that in my home or outside around people or anything even if that dog is nice around people but some dogs doesn't like everybody they see. Like you have seen on movies or just over some friends house and they claim that they dog doesn't bite or barely barks period. Now you go over there for the first time or something and the don't can just have something against you for no reason because it happened to me before and my friends parents said spike never growled at anyone before or he doesn't just like you so I didn't stay too long because I didn't know what that dog could have done to me, big or small, it doesn't matter. A dog is a dog. So my advise to people is if you go and visit a someone and they have a house dog, if you see a sign that the dog doesn't likes you, just turn around and go back home or talk to your friend about putting the dog away somewhere until they leave as soon as posible big or small and expecially a dog like an American Bull Dog or Pitbull.


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Dog Attack sends woman to hospital Empty Woman attacked by a dog!

Post  salsagirl on Sat Jan 26, 2008 2:10 am

Wow…this is crazy! I am not really a big fan of having animals running around the house. I totally understand that they could be helpful in some situations. However, they could be harmful at many times especially when the pet isn’t well trained. I totally agree with you about how people should make sure that their dog isn’t around when there are visitors, because the dog will not be friendly to the people he or she are not used to. Personally I always keep the distance between me and pets…cats, dogs etc…when I am at some people’s house. I just do not feel comfortable with them being so close and I do not like to ask the owners to keep them away!


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