Calfiorina Firms can fire Medical Marijuana users!

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Calfiorina Firms can fire Medical Marijuana users! Empty Calfiorina Firms can fire Medical Marijuana users!

Post  sneubauer on Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:41 pm

On January 24th the Califorina Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 2 decision that firms and businesses can fire workers for medical marijuana use even with a doctors note. Califorina was the first state to approve the use of Marijuana for medical use. According to Google News, "In the latest ruling, the high court said a Sacramento company had the right to fire Gary Ross in 2001 after a routine drug test came back positive for marijuana. Ross showed RagingWire Inc. a copy of his physician's recommendation to smoke the drug to relieve chronic back pain from three lumbar vertebrae fractured when he fell off the wing of an F-16 as an Air Force mechanic in 1983."

"From 1999 when my doctor started recommending medical marijuana, I can stop that spasm from getting into a knot and I don't need any pain medication," said Ross, adding he smokes only when he experiences spasms. "Prior to 1999 I was carted off in an ambulance a half a dozen times. Since 1999, only once."

The problem is, the state of Califorina has legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, eventhough it is an illegal drug under Federal Law. Then you get the guys that are caught up in this hippocracy. Marijuana in his case has saved tax payer dollars and yet he was fired.

Not to get all political, but weed is not legalized so our friends in the government can protect the enormous drug companies and sell $100 dollar perscriptions, while getting kickback checks.

I know that it is the companies duty to provide a drug free work place, and I'm not some burn out pot head either, but I don't see any problem as long as he does not come to work high. Yea, the drug will stay in his system for 2 weeks, but hes not high for a constant 2 weeks just a couple hours when he has extreme pain.

It needs to be straight up legalized. It will also put the drug dealers out of business and save tax dollars from locking up someone for a petty weed crime. It's just a plant!


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