Chuck Knoblauch is heading to Capitol Hill.

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Chuck Knoblauch is heading to Capitol Hill. Empty Chuck Knoblauch is heading to Capitol Hill.

Post  Toby on Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:15 pm[/url]

Chuck Knoblach a all-star who played for the New York Yankess is going to capital Hill to testify to the house committee about the steroids case involving some big named players. Knoblauch initally kept quiet to the first invitation but after being tracked down by Federal Marshalls decided to volunteerly to testify. Knoblauch is among five witnesses who will testify during the Panels meeting on Feburary 13th. The commitee is now withdrawing the subpeona that they had on Knoblauch. Of course this all started after Roger Clememens' trainer named some big names including Roger Clemenes, and Chuck Knoblauch there were more names but werent listed in this article.

I think this is great that this guy is actually going to testify of course he will not be charged with any thing as far as I know. I hope that he tells the truth and the MLB gets its act straight or it will have the same problem the WWE has had with steroids. There were 2 great superstars in the past couple of years who died cause of steroids and one of them commited murder and suicide its sad. i dont really care if steroids makes you bigger, makes you stronger Im still against them and there is no one that can change my mind about that. Chris Benoit the WWE wrestler who commited double murder and suicide was one of my favorite wrestlers, but thats neither here nor there while Im not a big fan of baseball i do think that they should stop the steroids because not only can they kill them selfs by suicide and killing your heart but the people using could possibly go on a roid rage and kill people. I think the MLB maybe taking a step in the right direction by getting all of this out in the open


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