Citizen Congress propsed by John Edwards

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Citizen Congress propsed by John Edwards Empty Citizen Congress propsed by John Edwards

Post  Mystofflyn on Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:25 pm

Sorry boys about the girly site, but I love CitizenSugar, and all of the Sugar sites.

WOW, what a fantastic idea! Bringing the people back into the government. If I knew this and he would have been on the ballot during our primaries I would've voted for him. This is one of the best ideas come out of a candidate so far. As long as it wasn't like Jury duty (I.e. "Show up or die") it sounds great. I'd volunteer!

Now I'm probably going to step on some toes, but this actually would be closer to taking us back to a democracy. In all technicality we are a republic and not a democracy. In a democracy the people vote on every issue, in a republic the people vote for representatives to vote for them. In our case however the reps hardly vote the way that their population wants them too. Maybe this will help?

We've already been shown by the many popular opinons that went unheeded in the legislative/executive branches in the past just to push their own views, that the representatives aren't listening very well. Michigan's economy is the worst in the nation. We need help and the feds aren't helping us, they only pay attention when the stocks start to dive. This citizen congress will push the people's needs into the open. Let's put things in perspective: Congress spends tax dollars nagging about sports stars being on steroids/dogfighting. (The dogfighting was terrible, but he went to jail, the doggies were rescued and helped [those that could have been] shut up about it already) Michigan's unemployment/foreclosure/crime rate are all going up. we're hemmorging jobs so we can't fix a budget that's losing tax income. We're closing SCHOOLS, our state shut down for four HOURS (that meant no state cops for four whole hours) Last week on the news I saw at least 3 bank robberies that were all done by middle-aged men. People are getting desperate. Now, steriods are really important aren't they?


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