Our tax dollars well spent

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Our tax dollars well spent Empty Our tax dollars well spent

Post  Durssing on Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:38 pm

Satellite to hit Earth in a few weeks week

A disabled satellite is supposed to hit the earth in a week or so. What a waste of millions of dollars that that U.S. could have used to try to dig ourselves out of our 9 trillion dollar debt. We keep on putting spy satellite in space and whatnot, but yet we continue to dig ourselves into a hole that is already going to be nearly impossible. And recently China has threatened to put a spy satellite into space and the US has had a fit. We are such a power hungry country, that it is almost unhealthy. Anyway, back on subject, it isn't supposed to do much if any damage. It has been monitored closely for the last several weeks and is suspected to break up during reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. What isn't destroyed will probably land in the oceans or on inhabited land. So it is really nothing to worry about, just something to make you say..... uhmmmm.


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