Bennie Sigal Goes to Jail

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Bennie Sigal Goes to Jail Empty Bennie Sigal Goes to Jail

Post  Eli on Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:39 am

A trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, will cost Beanie Sigel a day in prison, a judge ruled Wednesday (January 9). Sigel was sentenced to serve one day in federal prison after being found guilty for violating the terms of his parole a second time and being in contact with a convicted felon, according to The Associated Press. The rapper was further punished by U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick, with an 18-month extension of his probationary period, which was to end next month. As part of Surrick's ruling, Sigel has been ordered to spend the first six of those 18 months in an unspecified halfway house, AP reports. That will no doubt stymie the rapper's efforts to promote The Solution, his latest album, which hit stores in mid-December. The Wednesday development was merely the latest in a spate of legal problems the 33-year-old rapper (born: Dwight Grant) has faced in recent years. Sigel explained to Surrick that he is not the same person he once was. "I'm human, but I'm working on my mistakes," the wire service quoted him as saying. Sigel's words had little effect on Surrick, who explained that there must be consequences for his actions. "If they're looking at you as a role model, you've got to do the right thing," the judge told him. Still, Sigel's fate could have been much worse. It was well within the judge's purview to send the rapper back to the big house for three to nine months, due to the probation violation.
If i was him, i would stop doing what i'm doing and try and get my life straight as soon as possible. He missed a court date, and you don't do anything like that when you have a felony charge on you. He is also going to be charge with something else because he rented a Nissan car and kept it for an extra month. Now who's crazy enough to keep an rented car for an extra month saying that you had take care of some business. That's so crazy, i don't see how some people can do that. Like for example, i have seen people rent big screen tv's and funiture from renter center and aarons and never return or finish paying their bill. They either move after 2 months, or never answer the door.Now the detective are on their case. It can get sued, mess up your credit, or probably go to jail for doing those kinds of things, its stupid, Bennie Sigal is suppose to be rich now what is he doing renting a car? unless he got broke and went bankrupt or someething. But never get yourself in any kind of suff like that.


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