Building new telescope to the past...

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Building new telescope to the past... Empty Building new telescope to the past...

Post  lbourgeau on Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:51 pm

new telescope

I always have thought about protecting our earth from future annihilations, but itís rather interesting to build a telescope that can really look millions of years into our past- after the ďbig bang,Ē how everything came together. I bet astronomers will find never ending evidence of this trace. They also say itís to look outwards at other solar systems, why not bring our telescopes to hi-definition like our televisions?
Iím not sure if I would want to know what is or exists out in space, it raises all these star trek questions of if and who and what about earth in all this galactic spec of the universe?
The article goes on about all these telescopes, different sizes, different ideas and even satellites that bring in information. They say that new advanced pictures would bring in more of a detailed images and targets.
As the people living on this planet also thrive on new advances, we also live on a very young planet. We may have ancient traditions, some people say we really havenít changed all that much. Our communications, pictures, languages and yet our historic marks in time are our past that shape the world today. Which Iím sure many of us would like to explore within a telescope, we could find so many unknown marks. What happens when we find an imminent threat? What if we explore like in the movies? The world would change even more, better bring that towel too, (Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy).


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Building new telescope to the past... Empty RE: New Telescope

Post  Eli on Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:20 pm

I think thats a good idea of building a new telescope of the past. But i have different ideas about the telescope. I think they should bulid a telescope for something like off the movie back to the future but you couldn't enter it and mess up everything that involves your future like going back into the real world and trying to fix things that makes your future like better. Just go back and look into your past or back in the 60s and see what was it like or something. But it would be kind of cool to go back and visit your parents when they were little and see they were and what kind of lifestyle they live just without messing up your future by bumping into them. But that telescope thing would be pretty cool.


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