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The giant upset Empty The giant upset

Post  kmouser on Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:00 pm

For all those people who jumped on the tom brady and patriots band wagon i would like to say HA HA you lost. The perfect 18-0 patriots where chosen to beat the not so perfect giants. The giants lost the last regular season to the patriots 38 to 35. That was the closest that a team has come to beating the patriots all year. In the post season The patriots walk all over the teams. The Giants had it a lot harder. They had to play Tampa Bay who really wasnt that hard of a team to beat but they had to play the to juggernauts of the NFC, the packers and the cowboys. They beat the cowboys in a upset game in the NFC semi finals. no body had the giants doing much in the NFC but they had something to prove. In one of the coldest NFL games ever the giants and packers battled it out in the negative 14 degree weather and snow falling all night. The game went in to over time when the giants kicker missed a field goal at the end of regulation. The packers got the ball and it looked like it was going to be the end of the road for the giants. But farve through a interception and the giants won the football game and was going the play the patriots in the super bowl. This was supposed to be a blow out. But the giants wanted it more. The giants defense man handled the patriots offenses line and sacked brady a lot. with the score being three to seven at half time the giants were still in the game. With no score in the third the giants needed to score in the fourth. they did just that with. But that patriots answered right back with a touchdown with 2:35 left in the game. The giants rolled down field making great play after plays. plexico scored the winning touchdown on a corner route with thirty seconds left. The giants defense held up and the best super bowl in the last two decades had just been played.


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The giant upset Empty Re: The giant upset

Post  kennyc on Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:47 pm

Iam sooooo happy the pats lost this game. I've had to hear about them since the season started. I cant stand their cocky attitude. The Gianst just played an awsome game. At first I was a little upset that Green Bay didnt make it in, I was thinking they were the only team that had a shot at beating the Pats. Like everyone else (except Giants fans) I thought the Giants would get crushed. But they showed they had a VERY underrated D and that Eli can get the job done when he is on. They played an awsome game and deserved to win it.


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