Chuck E. Cheese's Booze Ban

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Chuck E. Cheese's Booze Ban Empty Chuck E. Cheese's Booze Ban

Post  Kelsey Mendrek on Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:51 pm

Chuck E. Cheese's booze ban

A couple years ago itís was a place for kids to have their birthday parties now parents do not only have to worry about how many kids to have for the party, but they also have to worry about whether or not there is going to be a fight that same day. I think there needs to be an age limit set for the kids allowed into Chuck E. Cheeseís and the screening process should be a little tighter as well. My mom was the General Manager of the CEC on Miller Rd. in Flint 8 years ago, and while she was there, they had to bring in the special stamp and the black light so that parents wouldnít come in with a bunch of kids and then leave them all there or so someone else didnít try to take someone elseís child. And now there are more fights happening at CEC then at Madison Square Garden. And now to top it all off, a few branches are putting a ban on alcohol to test if that might help the violence issues that seem to have consumed so called ďfamily-friendlyĒ places. My mom saw that video and the only comment she had was that itís only going to create more problems than solutions and sheís glad she got out when she did.

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