Roger Clemens vs Brian McNamee

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Roger Clemens vs Brian McNamee Empty Roger Clemens vs Brian McNamee

Post  Jnord on Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:44 am

This steroid scandal has been going on for long enough. Brian McNamee Roger Clemens old trainer is trying to turn Roger in for using HGH and Steroids. Roger denies ever using steroids. Throughout the whole investigation his old trainer said nothing of evidence that Roger did use Steroids until recently. This raised a red flag for Roger and his lawyers because if McNamee had these earlier he would have shown them. I think that McNamee is just out to try to ruin Roger Clemens life. McNamee told reporters that he only saved this evidence for if Roger turned on him and tried to bring him down with him. Well Roger wasn’t doing that McNamee tried to bring Roger down.
Another reason why I think that McNamee is just full of himself is that he is trying to say that Clemens wife also took HGH. I mean come on man, we already think your full of it why try to make a bigger case for yourself. Who ever turns out to be lying in this case is going to jail. I just think that Roger is telling the truth at that he never used steroids and he never needed to or will ever need to.


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