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Post  Eli on Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:43 pm

Sony PlayStation 3 (20GB)Manufacturer: Sony Electronics, Inc. Part number:98001 CLOSE WINDOW XCLOSE WINDOW X$689.46at 1 online store. Get total price of this product (sales tax + shipping), as well as local store availability:
Now when the Sony Playstation 3 was that price a several months ago,
I almost cried because thats too much money to spend away on a game system. Think of what you can do with $700.00 because thats what its going to be after all the taxes is added up so i kind of disagree with the price that was on the system of Playstation 3. I think all new games these days should be no more than $300 to $400 and when months pass by, let it go down to about $250 to $350 to make it a little cheaper because the games are about $50 to $60 and thats too much. I think games shouldn't be no more than $35. Another thing, the controllers are too expensive, controllers shouldn't be no more than $20 for regular controller, and $30 for wireless, But the price are about $40 a one controller. Thats too much.
Another thing that burned me up when the Sony Playstation 3 first came out was when people started sleeping in their cars at stores until it opens just to purchase a $700 game, it was just rediculous. I heard that people were fighting in line to buy the game. I think someone tried to cut someone because they were almost out of Playstation 3's. But I didn't know that grownups can act like a bunch of animals. But those prices of sony playstation 3 when it first came out were too high.


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Prices on Games (PS3) Empty Re: Prices on Games (PS3)

Post  kmouser on Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:49 pm

i dont know how many people know this but sony is losing money on the playsation 3. It coast more to make the ps3 and ship it out then their selling it for. But this is where the price of the games come in. for one they are made on blue ray or high definition disc not the dvd or cd disc that the playstation 2 used.seconded of all the games are to big and graphically to much for the dvd or cd disc they have to use these upgraded disc to have it fit on one disc and look as good as it does. but i agree with the controllers. when you have alot of people over you dont want to have a lot of people sitting around waiting to play madden so the more controllers the better.


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