Two Flint Township businesses damaged by fire

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Two Flint Township businesses damaged by fire

Post  abuaita on Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:29 pm

Last night the 12th of February at 7 o’clock, two offices caught on fire at Linden and Lennon. Gentiva’s Amy York and a law office. Gentiva that is a business that offers home health care get the most damage. Fire crew all around Genesee County rushed to the scene after they get called; they saw the fire coming from the roof f the building. The cold weather didn’t help the firefighter to get the fire under control, because as they say that it was a huge and tough fire. They didn’t find the reason of the fire, the investigators still working today through the rubble to figure out exactly what was the damage and what can be salvage. Gentiva’s Amy York says that their client records are safe and secure, and their employees were told to head to the patients homes as scheduled for the day. The law office side, there was no record damage everything was secure and the computers still running, just smoke damage, but they still working to get everything back the way it was.
The owner of the building said that all the doors was locked and he hire security guards to secure the building through the night to make sure that nobody go in and steel anything or to get the medical records.
I am glade that nobody get hurt, because it was a huge fire. And hopefully by working hard they can get back to business soon.


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