Writers Finally Back to Work!

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Writers Finally Back to Work! Empty Writers Finally Back to Work!

Post  Andrew Bailey on Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:37 pm


The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike is finally over. Hopefully this will not be a problem in the future as the entertainment industry definitely hurts from major events like this. The reason for this strike was basically because of Digital Media and the money writers recieve from their properties being sold/used on the Internet, DVDs and other methods; which is a very large source for people to get, legally or illegally, their entertainment. While I don’t know the full extent of the reasons beyond those listed for the strike I'm glad this is finally over because there are a lot of movies and shows that have been pushed back over and over since Nov. 5th when members of the WGA walked out. This strike effected a lot more than just the writers, everyone related to entertainment industries that rely on the WGA could have been without work if the strike had lasted long enough. After the strike companies have said that it was a fair deal for everyone, which will hopefully prevent other strikes in the future. With the ever expanding ways to distribute and receive media I think there will only be more complications in the future though. This is just one step for the WGA to be taken seriously in the future when such issues may come up in my opinion.

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