JFK assassination documents Revealed

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JFK assassination documents Revealed Empty JFK assassination documents Revealed

Post  Toby on Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:09 am


The vault that contained all the documents from the JFK assassination was open on Monday. They were locked away almost two decades ago after the investigation on the murder of the president was closed; there have been many conspiracy theories that were constructed. According to one of the documents the alleged shooter Lee Harvey Oswald had a conversation with Jack Ruby. According to the conversation Jack Ruby asked Lee Harvey Oswald to kill the president. Ruby said that the mafia was backing this whole operation. The document hasnít been proven to be credible in fact the people that are studying on it think that it might have been a script for a movie but there not sure yet.

Wow this is a really big day for this case, all the mystery surrounding it might be put to an end, I donít think I could really go that far, I personally believe that it was some kind of conspiracy and I have from the beginning the evidence doesnít match up to well, the autopsy wasnít done right and everything seem to have been sabotaged. I think it either had something to do with the mafia or the government. Maybe one day we will figure out what really happened. With new technology and new scientist studying the documents and the photos maybe..... then again maybe we will find aliens on other planets and make other discoveries before we find out what actually happened.


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