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Obama fights back Empty Obama fights back

Post  kwest4 on Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:23 pm

Barack Obama not being patriotic, that is absurd! What do you ask makes Obama unpatriotic, not putting his hand on his heart during the national anthem. This is an attempt from conservatives and Republicans to make it some how seem that Obama is not patriotic. (I think they might have to do a bit stronger than that) Obama’s rebuttal to this was that it ‘would disqualify about three quarters of the people who have ever gone to a football game or baseball game." He was also accused of not wearing an American flag on his lapel, but come on not wearing a flag doesn’t make you unpatriotic. Obama’s wife’s comments have also been watched very carefully. She made the mistake of saying that she never felt really proud of the United States until recently. They went back to address the issue stating that she simply misspoke, she simply ment it is the first time she has been proud of politics in America.
I think the accusations and the attempts to make someone look unpatriotic are somewhat silly to me. Yet, I feel many people have strayed away from being patriotic, it’s hard to be “go United States” when there are many things that we are doing, that we don’t agree with. It is sometimes difficult knowing that many people of the world look at us as Americans and don’t like us, solely based on the actions of our country. I find it a bit frustrating at times that we are the country trying to fix other ones, when we have quite a bit of fixing ourselves.



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