Nuclear weapons in North Korea just a scare tactic??

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Nuclear weapons in North Korea just a scare tactic?? Empty Nuclear weapons in North Korea just a scare tactic??

Post  Toby on Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:22 am

American weapon inspectors took a tour to North Korea where they found the dismantling of nuclear plants. The plant did have the power to produce plutonium. And had enough to make a few bombs out of that plutonium and to test fire one a little while ago. A part of the plant that was said to be making nuclear bombs was actually being packed away. North Korea was one of the countries on president Bushes axis of evil.

Wait one minute here, all the stuff they the media said and what president Bush said was a complete lie, well not a complete lie these plants were built in the 80ís and used primarily in the 80ís. It wont be the first or the last time that either one has lied about something. They even had me scared when they said North Korea could produce plutonium and make bombs with it. I thought with there power they could create World War 3 or a nuclear holocaust, come to find out there not all that powerful. We never did find the weapons of mass destruction either. My guess is that they were in Iraq at one time and they were either moved to Syria or Lebanon. Itís a bunch of crap, turn on the news and youíll find out the world is a horrible evil place; the only think thatís evil is the media subjecting us to this garbage. Trying to scare us, I think warning us about North Korea was just a scare tactic.


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