Expert details White House e-mail risks

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Expert details White House e-mail risks Empty Expert details White House e-mail risks

Post  Andrew Abeare on Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:24 pm

White House e-mail risks

I found this article to be kind of weird. A computer expert, who worked for the White House, claims that their e-mail system is primitive and could possibly result in the loss of data. Because of this, certain e-mails have gone missing from the White House records. I don’t know much about e-mail systems, but I would think that the White House should have the resources to create a system that works properly. Probably the biggest flaw with the systems was that everyone on the White House computer network had access to e-mail, meaning that they could modify e-mail and there would be no way to know if it had been changed. It seems like if someone had malicious intent, they could have caused quite a few problems with these exploits. Even so, a new system was ready to be implemented in 2006 that would fix the problems, but it was canceled because of the work and spending involved. It bothers me a little bit that they wouldn’t fix something important involving the loss of White House data, even though there was already a solution ready to fix it. Maybe if more public attention is brought to the missing e-mails, they will eventually fix it.

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