Civil Liberties have not been Compromised by the Patriot Act

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Civil Liberties have not been Compromised by the Patriot Act

Post  Toby on Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:45 am

This article is about the patriot act. The guy that wrote the editorial used to work for the government. He says that the patriot act does not violate our civil liberties. We are freer because of new laws and rules under the patriot act. He also justifies the usages of wiretaps and other investigative tools. He says we have been free from major terrorist attacks for 2 years. He also says that the American peoples rights are not violated, that when they investigate people for terrorism that theyíre only going after the alleged terrorist. When they search through library records they donít search through everyoneís records. When they search for evidence they donít have to go through so many steps as they have in the past and that they can bypass certain justices. That is not a violation of anyoneís rights, he claims. There is never any mention of search warrants, so the government must not have to use search warrants anymore. This article goes into detail saying that none of these searches or tools are being used domestically because thereís not enough time or money.

I think this article is a boatload of crap; of course they violate our rights thatís out there in the open. President Bush almost got into allot of trouble because he was wiretapping without a search warrant, which is against the law. Our freedoms are violated more and more everyday. Sure our country has been safe from terrorist attacks for 2 years but we have no more safety than we did 2 years ago. A year ago a kid (cant remember how old) tested our safety when he was able to smuggle about 20 different weapons aboard 3 or 4 planes. National security and the patriot act go hand in hand. I believe they have caught all these terrorist activities on pure chance, nothing more. The patriot act allows the government (federal government) to come into your home and claim your a terrorist and get to go through your stuff, well thatís against the 4th amendment, illegal search and seizure. That guy also says that none of these methods are used domestically, they got the biggest Internet companies to give up records of who was doing what. I donít know what president Bush thinks but the Internet is world wide, not just used by terrorist



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Re: Civil Liberties have not been Compromised by the Patriot Act

Post  kmckinsey on Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:50 am

Nothing is private or safe except what the government decides not to say.

If your not hiding anything then you won't have a problem.

Besides this all goes back to 911-

how they didn't see it coming I will never know... But at any rate, we won't have freedoms much longer, the government seems that it will choke it all out of us. Nothing was accomplished by the act, except a few *cells* uncovered that turned out to be false alarms....


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