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Post  k_see on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:31 am

Presidential campaigns are getting ridiculous. Not only do we get to hear candidates bicker at each other for a year, but the amount of money they spend on commercials and events is out of hand. In the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush spent over $185 million. He spent the most and he won.. I don't think that's coincidence. But that's not even the most that has been spent on campaigns. 693 million dollars is said to have been spent all together in the 2004 race, and over a billion dollars total in this years election. If you want to be president you have to put yourself out there, which takes a lot of money. You pretty much have to spend millions to even be considered a candidate.
Why not, instead of spending millions to have your face all over TV, use the money toward a good cause? Presidential candidates could use their money to help a charity and truly help people, which is hopefully why they are running for president in the first place. Citizens could just vote on whoever they thought did the best act of kindness.
I feel this would be a much better way for candidates to spend their - and our- money. At least when only one president is elected, the other candidates would not have wasted money on commercials and other things. They would have at least done something good.


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