You want some fries with that?

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You want some fries with that?

Post  Mystofflyn on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:51 am

This is a face-palm moment. McDonald's fries are good, but not even close to being good enough to damage my car for them. Now I've gotten down the street looked into my bag and found fries missing, but the most I've done is call them up and give them a stern sorry-to-bother-but-you-forgot talking to. What on earth could have possibly possesed this man? I'm sure everyone has had their anger management moments, where they do something irrational over something small. I know I have when I yelled at some old lady in the line at McDonald's because she was being a complete B to the clerk over the old lady's mistake. But I didn't ram my car into the old lady's hoveround, I called her a *bleep*ing old hag who should earn some respect before she *bleep*ing demands it.

Now, the social part of it is that are we such a selfish society now that these things happen? Or could it have happened in a tavern back in the ye olde days when the ale was watered?


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