Ohio Ex-Cop Convicted in Lover's Death

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Ohio Ex-Cop Convicted in Lover's Death Empty Ohio Ex-Cop Convicted in Lover's Death

Post  showard1 on Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:55 am

It is about time that they convicted this guy for the crime that he commited close to a year ago. More and more you are seeing or hearing about cops that are involved in crimes that they say they didn't do. By the time the investigation is over they are admitting to it. Do they actually think that they are that good that they won't get caught, or do they feel that they are above the law and can do anything they want. Did he even think about what he was doing or was it all about the money that was due to he? And think of the affect that this is going to have on the little boy. Never growing up with his mother, father, or unborn sibling in his life. What a tragic thing for the little boy to see at his young age. Since he was a cop, he knew what he had done and still continued to lie about it all through the investigation. They say there is a chance that he could get the death penalty. I believe that he deserves that. Why shouldn't he lose his life, after all,
the little boy lost his. He will probable have some sort of emotional problems for many years to come.


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