Peace in the Middle-East

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Peace in the Middle-East Empty Peace in the Middle-East

Post  afoley on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:29 am

Peace in the Middle-East is something we have been fighting for, but for the past 5 years all we have been doing is causing untold amounts of attacks and increasing violent outbursts. Over 3,500 soldiers have died and untold amounts of civilians have died from gun battles and from bombs. We have gotten ourselves into another Vietnam War, a war that we will never win. How can we ever attain victory over a people who think that killing themselves will attain an eternal paradise? We cannot accomplish such a feat, but at the same time we cannot pull our troops out of the Middle-East either or it will turn more chaotic than ever before.
The increase amounts of suicide bombings and roadside bombings have killed more soldiers and civilians than any gun battle ever could. Tuesday January 15, 2008, for instance, five kids were killed by suicide bombers who blew themselves up and then proceeded to engage themselves in a gunfight with government officials. Just this morning, a female suicide bomber killed her and eight others when she blew herself up near a popular market in Diyala, Iraq. The Iraqi civilian death toll as of December 14, 2007 is an astonishing 88,044 dead and that does not include the wounded. The insurgents are getting smarter and more cunning in their attempts to drive us away and destroy our morale.
We need to do something about this ongoing situation before we have to ship more soldiers home in wooden boxes, and President Bush is not doing anything about it. Peace talks accomplish nothing and thatís all Bush is interested in. We need to take action or get out, those are our choices but neither one will be pretty. Me personally, I say screw them, itís not our fight, we trained their army and police now let them deal with it.


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Peace in the Middle-East Empty Peace in the Middle East

Post  Blondimom3 on Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:42 am

This is a subject that makes me so mad every time I hear of more or our soldiers being killed over there. I have a couple freinds and relatives out there. Its like, i have to watch the news all the time just to see if anyone I know has been killed there. You are so right though, it has gotten out of hand and its about time our President lets our people come home. It just seems to be getting worse and nothing is being accomplished. From what i can see anyway. It seems like a losing battle and its time for it to come to an end. I dont think there will ever be world peace.


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