Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution

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Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution Empty Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution

Post  Andrew Abeare on Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:14 pm

Creationism Should be Taught Alongside Evolution

The author, Patrick Glynn, discusses the issues surrounding the teaching of evolution and creationism in schools, making the point that refusing to teach creationism in schools will stifle a studentís critical thinking. Glynn argues that the two sides of the evolution-creationism teaching debate are stuck in the past with their arguments because some of them donít apply in todayís world. He agrees with evolution, but proposes the idea that evolution is directed by God. Glynn feels that discussing these issues would open the minds of students, but it canít be discussed because it borders on teaching religion.

While I respect the authorís views, I disagree with the idea that creationism should be taught alongside evolution. Teaching it alongside evolution implies that it belongs in science classes, but I donít feel that creationism meets the criteria for scientific study based on the source it originates from. While refusing to teach it in school has the potential to stifle a studentís thinking, it doesnít prevent them from finding more appropriate outlets to learn about creationism. In the same way that a religious theory could be taught in a scientific classroom, then perhaps teaching scientific laws in a church of worship would be the next step to stimulate critical thinking. Allowing one religious-based theory into a scientific class would allow for any other number of religious-based theories to be taught if the demand was there. A better alternative would be to offer students a class in public schools that focuses solely on these religious theories, while leaving scientific theory to the science classroom.

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Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution Empty Re: Teaching Creationism Alongside Evolution

Post  Toby on Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:11 am

Dude we talked about this in class that one day but I can still respond to this. I am totally against teaching creationism in school along side evolution. That would be like teaching evolution in church, it doesnt make any sense. I am all for evolution, maybe I should go to all the supporters of creationism and tell them Im the missing link. Cause i kind of look like a human primate....LOL. That would be so funny. But seriously though, creationism isnt part of science so I wonder why so many people are all for teaching it in the classroom. If they taught it while I was in school I would have raised hell, its a violation of the seperation of church and state. When Im in school I dont want some christian shoving religion down my throat while Im in school. I believe in god and stuff but I'm not really part of any religion so thats what that would be doing. That would be violating my rights. i dont believe in creationism anyways but that's not the point. It would be violating the constitution.


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