Flint City Worker w/Ties to Williamson Remain on Police Payr

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Flint City Worker w/Ties to Williamson Remain on Police Payr

Post  showard1 on Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:12 am

I see Mayor Williamson is up to his old tricks again. The city is in trouble again or still however you want to look at it and the Mayor is still trying to hide things and the reasons he does things. He is in the process of talking about laying off some police officers but yet he is going to keep one on that has been working close to him and pay him as a police sargents wages. What is up with that? To top it off, this guy was fired a few years ago and then was brought back. Mayor Williamson is not saying why he was fired or what the grounds were to bring him back. If he can't do any of the duties of a police officer than there is no reason for him to be getting the pay. Let someone get that pay that can protect the city. If all you have to do is push a pencil and kiss the Mayor's behind, I guess there are a lot of people in the city the can fill those shoes. I would never want that job because to me that man is a crook and I would not want any part of it.


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